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Name: Kaatje
Age: 19
Birthday: 28th october
Gender: female
Location: Belgium

Education: Art student. Graphic design.

Hobbies: writting, reading, drawing, zine making and collecting, swapping, desgning, crafting, felting, listening to music,.... and lots more.

Favourite music: Breaking Benjamin, nelly furtado , alinis morisette, fall out boy, finch , tacking back sunday , Mika , soundtracks, deva premal, cirque du soleil , lais,gorki , placebo ,coheed and cambria , kill spector de nieuwe snaar, .... a lot of people really! and a lot of different genres. I ADORE SOUNDTRACKS AND OLD MUSICALS. like rocky horror picture show , little shop of horrors , grease , grease 2 , .... and a lot more. 

Favourite movies: Cry baby! , rocky horror , beetlejuice, anything johnny depp or tim burton, crying game , moulin rouge, Harry Potter , Pirates, under the tuscan sun,...

Favourite foods/drinks: cranberrie, grape, cherry flavored things. Italian food, watermelon, tea!!! , cookies,sandwiches <3 , pocky, minths, bubblegum.

Favourite books: I love Oscar Wilde, I love Anne rice , I adore ! the perks of being a wallflower ( I adore this book I got two copies through swaps and I bet I would jump up and down if I got even another one XD) .And I love gay literatre!!!!Poppy Z brite Lost souls. Boy meets boy. And at the moment I am really into biography's. At the moment I am reading lingerie and lollipops <3 

Country: Any european or Asian country. 

How many? around 5 

Gender: doesn't matter. 

I do type my letters. Well mostly anyways. If you want long letters I am better with typing them up. But if you're a short letter person then I can handwrite. I get muscle spasms easily so typing works better for me. If I type letters it's mostly 3 to 4 pages in a small font. 

I also like to include small gifts with my letters once in a while. Just to make penpalling more personal. That and I sometimes cannot controle myself when I see something that I know my penpal will love I have to get it. 


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